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Comparison New Toyota Yaris Vs Honda Jazz

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Comparison New Toyota Yaris Vs Honda Jazz - Being in class mini hatchback, two cars competing in the Indonesia market in terms of sales, shape, performance, and comfort. While the selling price in the range standardnya version is not far adrift. What exactly is the reason consumers choose both of these vehicles?


New Honda Jazz
Just undergone rejuvenation, New Honda Jazz offers a different design in the form of front and rear bumper where the Honda makes the impression of the incoming air holes on the right side of the left front bumper and rear bumper off through a given pair of cat eyes. Sweet change the headlamp, grill, also rear lamp and high mounted stop lamp with LEDs make the display even more attractive, as well as the addition of fog lamps as standard equipment to help the vision in fog and nighttime conditions.

New Toyota Yaris
New Toyota Yaris delivers full aero body kit and spoiler to reinforce the impression of sporty mini. New Toyota Yaris does not make a change as that of the Honda Jazz and still maintain a rounded shape on the whole body. Because it still uses the same frame with the Yaris predecessor, there is no discussion in that can be done on this car.


New Honda Jazz
Changes also occur in the interior, where the color changes to black dark blue upholstery. His audio system is also compatible with the latest gadgets, so you can use the gadget as a music player. The existence of the Multi Information Display provides mileage, average fuel consumption and distance traveled to the rest of the existing fuel helps the driver to monitor the condition of the vehicle. Honda was the space provided, including the largest in its class, due to the placement of the gas tank in the middle of the cabin so you can set the maximum seating configuration.

New Toyota Yaris
Toyota to make sure consumers get the best, can be seen from the dashboard design and placement of the speedometer in the dashboard to help the driver's view. In dash head unit with CD Player and MP3 Player that is given New Toyota Yaris makes a luxurious shine. Model semi-bucket seats are "grasping" for the journey to make sense of confidence to drive higher. Also provided private goods storage in nearly all the interior as well as a place to put the bottle to accompany you during the trip.


New Honda Jazz
Still uses the same engine, 1.5L SOHC i-VTEC engine that produces 118 hp / 6600 rpm and torque of 145 Nm / 4800 rpm makes New Honda Jazz has the greatest power in its class, but still friendly lingkingan because emissions have EURO-4 standard. Power is channeled to a 5-speed automatic transmission that can be your "main" right through the paddle shift, so you can feel the thrill of F1-style cars. As an option, also available 5-speed manual transmission. For business fuel consumption, New Honda Jazz has a ratio of 1:13 to 1:14 for the 1:14 to 1:16 for the city and out of town.

New Toyota Yaris
Equipped with the same engine as the Toyota Vios 1.5L DOHC brother VVT-i, New Toyota Yaris is capable of producing 107 hp at 6,000 rpm and torque of 141 Nm / 4,200 rpm. Combined with 4-speed automatic transmission and a manual 5-speed makes this car has a very responsive acceleration. Fuel consumption is quite frugal, spent 1 liter of gasoline for 13 miles (in town) and 15 km (out of town).


New Honda Jazz
Honda ensure the safety of passengers with Dual SRS Airbag on the driver and front passenger as well as the braking system which is equipped with ABS, EBD, and BA are split evenly distribution of braking to prevent wheel locks when braking suddenly. Not only thinking about the passenger, Honda also ensure the safety of pedestrians in the event of a collision. Control of New Honda Jazz is assured due to the combination of McPherson Strut front suspension and H-shape Torsion Beam so you can feel the stability of the drive.

New Toyota Yaris
Dual safety system is equipped with SRS airbags for driver and front passenger to reduce the risk of injury when an accident plus the braking system ABS, EBD, and BA which prevents wheel locks when an emergency occurs so that you can still control kedaraan. At the controls, New Toyota Yaris for a softer feel especially on the condition of roads, making it suitable for a lot of bumpy roads Indonesia until the hole.


Both are favorite cars the people of Indonesia because of the strong brand image, ease of maintenance, fuel economy and a high resale price. If you are looking for a vehicle that has a sporty character and engine performance and handling precision, the right choice fell on the New Honda Jazz. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a car with a higher selling price, a more comfortable ride as well as the availability of key technological genius where you just press a button to turn off the engine, plus a switch to control the steering of the steering wheel audio system, then the New Toyota Yaris was the you must choose.


All New Jazz Manual Rp. 198.5 million
All New Jazz Automatic Rp. 208.5 million
All New Jazz RS Manual Rp. 214 million
All New Jazz RS Automatic Rp. 224 million

A MANUAL NEW YARIS 1500 Rp. 187.35 million
A NEW AUTOMATIC YARIS 1500 Rp. 197.55 million
NEW YARIS 1500 E MANUAL Rp. 193.95 million
NEW YARIS 1500 E AUTOMATIC Rp. 204.15 million
NEW YARIS S MANUAL 1500 Rp. 204.15 million
NEW YARIS S LIMITED 1500 AUTOMATIC Rp. 220.45 million

So, you choose which one?
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